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AYServe.NET has at its disposal experienced professionals to provide the following services:

— Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services
Your web site is fully deployed but where are all your hits? AYServe.NET's marketing team will work within any budget to maximize your exposure and increase your site hits and company name recognition. We have successfully assisted lots of Internet businesses with new site launch, name branding, or flash advertising campaigns. We know what it takes to stand out and be successful. The following services are included with this consultation and design package:
SEO Services

  • — Analysis of search engine placement
  • — Submission to 2000 different search engines
  • — Custom written title pages, meta tags and site keywords
  • — Perform market study
  • — Setup focus groups to analyze market trends
  • — Forecasting future market shifts
  • — Optimization of company logo, image and logo recognition
  • — Collect rate card information on print, online, television, radio and outdoor media
  • — Measure effectiveness of ad campaigns and adjust future placement as needed
  • — Analysis of site traffic
  • — Determine optimal expenditure on various marketing media
  • — Design and prepare creative for all ad campaigns
  • — Pre-planning or collateral marketing materials, brochures, information videos and CD-ROMS
  • — Improving web site design, navigation and overall layout and structure

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— Live Media Services
AYServe.NET provides all software and hardware necessary to broadcast live, streaming media across the Internet. This is perfect for online radio broadcasts, corporate earnings / stock holders meetings and instant webcasts. This service can be purchased for a one-time live event or setup to operate on daily, weekly or monthly schedule. This service includes:
Live Media Services - Audio and Video

  • — Web site hosting for the primary domain housing the event
  • — Dedicated connectivity (Unlimited monthly bandwidth included)
  • — Real Audio / Video G2 servers with 75 dedicated streams
  • — Windows Media servers with 75 dedicated streams
  • — IceCast/ShoutCast MP3 servers with dedicated streams
  • — Post-event auditing and statistics on users, bandwidth utilization and event success
  • — Design, consultation and pre-event planning
  • — Content storage (15 GB included free) for the event media
  • — Pre-event stress/load testing of equipment and software
Meet the demands of your businesses rapid growth and expansion with our exclusive Professional Services. Call a sales team member today at 234-809-828-3352 or email info@ayserve.net for an immediate response.
— Web Content Management
Managing business successfully today demands managing information efficiently. With the influx of content in all forms and from all directions, that is no small task.

The explosion of content in all its various forms and formats, including Web, paper, wireless and other digital assets, has pushed the effective management of corporate content to new heights on the business agenda. This has created business challenges across industries.
Content Management System Services

Content Management Services aligns the people, processes and technology to improve access to and control of unstructured data from conception to retirement. Our services include:

Assessments, strategy and planning. We work with you to define a true picture of your current situation, aligning the business need with technology capabilities to produce the enterprise collaboration architecture.

Architecture design and implementation. Solution architecture is the unifying concept essential to deploying an effective content management system. We utilize best practice methods throughout and assess and address any risks, gaps, issues or outdated or inconsistent information.

Management Services. We offer standardized services and methodology across the globe, backed by standard industry best practices. We address all aspects of enterprise content management including document, image, records and web content management, along with hosting and managing repositories.

AYServe views content management as part of a holistic approach to managing information across the enterprise and with business partners. Our integrated approach combines business intelligence,data management & architecture and portal development together with enterprise content management expertise to create tailored solutions that best meet organizations' information management needs. The result? World-class capabilities that allow organizations to use information to gain insights that drive better decisions and improve business performance.

Our enterprise content management practice has deep skills, experience and knowledge related to content management processes, strategies and technologies. Drawing on deep industry expertise and technical skills together with proven methodologies, AYServe Information Management Services will:

  • — Select the tools best suited to meet our clients' content management needs.
  • — Carry out the solution's functional and technical design by applying cost-effective, reusable assets whenever possible. 
  • — Build, test and deploy the solution, often leveraging our global network of delivery centers to speed development and keep costs manageable. 
  • — Work with the leading vendors, including our alliance partners, ensuring we deliver the most effective solutions according to client needs due to our independence and objectivity. 
  • — Achieve maximum, long-term advantage for the client solution by providing application management outsourcing services.
eMarketing Consultation
AYServe eMarketing Consultancy services helps small, medium and large businesses achieve growth and competitive advantage using online marketing. Our team of online marketing professionals with vast experience helps businesses increase their revenue using the Internet. We assist our clients to identify how to exploit the Internet platform by identifying where to start and grow their businesses by simply speaking with our team of experts.
eMarketing Consultancy Services

We can grow your business by simply following our proven process of working with all sizes of businesses. It doesn’t matter if you simply want more leads quickly, or you are looking for experts to handle all your online marketing, we can do it.

When you engage us, you don’t have to have permanent full time staff managing your online marketing efforts. This allows you to keep your fixed overheads down, yet at the same time have proven experts working to grow your business. It’s a win-win situation.

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